Service and Support  For Every Aspect of Your Imaging Needs

We are an independent x-ray dealership and service organization that serves the medical, chiropractic and veterinary service industries. With over 30 years of experience and 650 digital installations, we offer an unprecedented level of care and expertise to our customers.

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Custom Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of Every Company

We understand that no two businesses are the same, and we specialize in custom solutions to meet the unique needs of every company. Our service technicians are factory trained and experienced in designing and servicing all medical imaging equipment.

Whether you need conventional or modern radiography equipment from a variety of companies, specific diagnostic imaging software, x-ray shielding protection or servicing for your clinic’s x-ray equipment, we specialize in meeting your unique needs. We represent 20 different manufacturers and distributors, then design custom x-ray solutions, and perform everything from urgent service calls to routine calibration and maintenance.

How We Can Help You

We consult, sell, design, and service x-ray machines and rooms for the medical, chiropractic, and veterinary service industries.
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The unique landscape of the veterinary industry demands more flexibility than other fields, so we design and service custom imaging equipment to scale. The rooms veterinarians use in an equine practice are different from the rooms used for a canine and/or feline practice. So, we create unique options for a variety of specialties and species ranging from exotics to companion animals.

Since veterinary x-ray rooms frequently need to conform to a smaller footprint than medical, we design solutions for your practice’s unique needs. There are no “one-size-fits-all solutions”, so we adapt to your situation to design, provide and service your x-ray needs.

Today, 80% of veterinarians do dental work—to meet this need, we also provide a high quality selection from a variety of manufacturers to help choose the best fit for your dental imaging needs.

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We work with contractors and electricians to take the burden of designing and building the x-ray suite away from our customers.

Medical x-ray equipment is powerful, complex, and expensive—that’s why we use our expertise to make your job easier, not harder. Some of our components include overhead tube cranes with motorized stitching and synchronized tracking, floor-mounted systems with vertical tracking, compact floor-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling systems, fully motorized U-Arm and manually controlled swivel arm systems and high-powered mobile imaging systems with built-in DR workstations.

Two unique challenges with medical imaging are equipment selections and x-ray suite shielding. To accommodate the electrical needs of each x-ray room, we recommend the required lead, work with different types of generators, and use our expertise to deal with the nuances of each x-ray room. We use our expertise to design shielding that corresponds to your needs, the layout of the x-ray room, and the specifications of the device.

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Every chiropractic setup is unique, which is why we bring a personalized approach to designing and creating a solution for every setup. We source both new and used components to find economical solutions to every situation while using our servicing expertise to ensure that you’re equipped with reliable, highly functional equipment.

We assess your situation and help with room planning, shielding, design, setup, calibration, and maintenance so that you can rest assured that your x-ray room is in good hands.

Servicing and Calibration

Designing and sourcing x-ray equipment is only the beginning of the journey, but we are with you every step of the way. Our team of experts is experienced in routine calibration and servicing as well as more involved repairs so that you can minimize downtime and maximize the value of your equipment.

Our team of experts works with the very best vendors to create custom solutions for your organization. Whatever your unique needs are, LS X-Ray is here to offer premier service for the lifetime of your equipment.


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