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Based on your unique private practice, our sales process can accommodate your specific timeline. During our process, we’ll ask about your needs, the type and volume of exams you anticipate, your budget, and your space constraints. Using that information, we make informed recommendations for new or used equipment that meets your requirements. Your system will be installed by our team of expert field technicians with years of training with each of our manufacturers. Our factory-trained engineers complete installation within 1-3 days of arrival and are ready to train your staff once the system is ready for its first radiograph. LS X-Ray will be with you for your equipment’s entire lifecycle, keeping it up to date on calibrations and operational, so you focus on what you do best.

Check out our equipment below, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

LS - Flexi Image FujiFilm FDR ES




The FDR is light, portable, and affordable. Featuring Fujifilm’s proprietary ISS Irradiated Side Sampling technology, which positions its capture electronics (TFTs) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors. This design significantly suppresses scattering and attenuation of x-ray signals, improving efficiency to produce sharper images at lower doses compared to traditional designs. The Veterinary package is a single panel package that easily converts any analog veterinary x-ray unit to DR without modifying the table. It includes special veterinary-specific menus, markers, registration screen and wallpaper.

LS - Flexi Image FDR-Travel portable DR

FujiFilm Travel System



FDR-Travel portable DR lets you use existing mobile analog x-ray units, portable x-ray devices, and x-ray rooms without modifications to acquire exceptional quality DR images. Simply bring the small detector communication briefcase, FDX Console laptop PC, and detector to any x-ray source and generate an image instantly. All done wirelessly!

LS - Flexi Image Vieworks Vivix-S V Series

Vieworks Vivix-S
V Series



An affordable DR solution that retrofits to any radiographic system. Vieworks’ post processing algorithm provides supreme image quality, specialized for VIVX detectors and is applied to the VXvue software. The Vivix-S series provides the software grid that eliminates the scattering effect of x-rays to produce clearer images. Water and dust resistant with the same image quality in hotter or colder environments, it is suitable for any environment.

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At LS X-Ray, we hire the best engineers and work with the best vendors to provide a consistent, worry-free experience for your equipment’s lifetime. Let us handle the stress of designing, sourcing, and servicing x-ray equipment so you can focus on what you do best.


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